How to measure QR code impressions


Tracking and attributing campaign results can be difficult, especially when it comes to direct mail.  QR codes provide an opportunity to link direct mail efforts to digital platforms, but unless efforts are well thought out, results can be difficult to measure.


  1. Create vanity urls specific to each QR code and tease results from web analytics (e.g. Webtrends, Google Analytics) provider.  This process seems a bit involved but may work best for some.
  2. Instead of making the QR code for,  use a URL shortener (e.g., first and create your QR code from the shortened URL.  Then use the analytics from the URL shortener to track QR code usage.
  3. In writing this post I discovered a free online tool that will create the QR code and do the analytics in a few easy steps.  QReateBUZZ is one such utility.
  4. UPDATED: Tom Martin (@TomMartin) recommended reviewing the QR code generator within Google Analytics.  Check it out here.

Note: I am in no way affiliated with QReateBUZZ; I just like things that make my life simplier.