Social Customer Service Done Right

Below is a recount of how my afternoon was ruined and what Chobani did to address a quality issue.

Note: there is no evidence that Chobani had anything to do with the product issue.  It’s quite possible that the product was not kept a consistent temperature during delivery.  Point is, Chobani recognized that they are their product; it’s how you deal with people that matters.

Here are 5 steps to executing Social Customer Service:

  1. They listened – if you don’t listen, you can’t engage
  2. Quick response – 6 minutes after my tweet they acknowledged me
  3. They offered to take it offline – social is an outpost, make the conversation private so details can be shared safely
  4. Keep your promises – just do what you say without the customer having to remind you
  5. Follow up – make sure the customer issues have been addressed

Since I’m posing this as a case study, what did I miss?  Are there other steps Chobani could have done?

Here are the details of what transpired.