Aug 28

MFEA Digital Council

Mutual Fund Education Alliance

I’m to announce that I’ve been added to the Mutual Fund Education Alliance Digital Council. (To avoid any confusion, I haven’t left my current employer.)

What is the MFEA you ask?

The Mutual Fund Education Alliance is a community led organization of leaders in the mutual fund industry. The MFEA focuses on products, marketing and selling mutual funds. It also hosts the Star Awards recognizing excellence in industry communications.

MFEA Digital Council

As a member of the Digital Council, I’ll have a voice on steering topics related to social media, marketing and innovative technology.  If you’re interested in knowing more about MFEA, click on over.


Apr 26

Blue Hills – April 26, 2015

mountain bikingTurned out to be a surprisingly great ride considering I spent the day yesterday on an all day craft beer pub crawl to support Pan Mass Challenge riders.

Buckhill Downhill

PR’d this ride. That’s my riding buddy John C in front of me.



End of Ride Downhill

This was just about the end of our ride.




7 PRs – woot.

Strava results for April 26, 2015

Good day; Great results



My Gear: Pinterest




unable to find photo source for the featured photo

Oct 03

Basic WordPress Security for Marketers with Jim Spencer

Jim Spencer of JBS Partners

Jim Spencer of JBS Partners

This is the last post in the series on WordPress security.  In previous posts I’ve covered how to diagnose an attack, how to clean up your WordPress site and how to keep your site secure. After my site was hacked I reached out to my network of techie friends to see if anyone had recommendations on Wordpress security.  Luckily Jim Spencer of JBS Partners answered my call. JBS Partners is a full service WordPress design and development company and Jim has helped numerous clients get their site back online after a security breach.  I’m very thankful to have Jim lending his expertise in this guest post.


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Sep 19

Keep Your WordPress Site Secure

Cyber Attack

This is the 4th post in a series about WordPress security. If you’re the type that likes to start at the beginning, you can pick up on the full series here. If you’re the sort that likes to jump in with both feet, keep reading about how to keep your WordPress site secure.
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Sep 12

Cleaning up WordPress after your site has been hacked

Cyber Attack

This is the third post in a series on WordPress security. The story starts when my site was hacked and continued as I diagnosed the hack. In this post I’ll get into how I identified and then cleaned up the malicious code on my site.  I’ve never done this before yet I found no good resources on this topic so hopefully this information is useful to those that need to clean up their WordPress site after a hack. Read the rest of this entry »

Sep 05

Diagnosing a WordPress site hack

Cyber AttackSadly, my WordPress site was hacked. The first post in this series shared the discovery of the hack.  This post is all about diagnosing how the site was hacked with an eye towards cleaning it up. In the last post I suggested brushing up on your Unix and now it’s time to break out your command line skills!  This gets pretty techie.  If you’d like the benefit of my experience you can reach me at john[at]refford[dot]com. I’m not a WordPress guru, but I’ll help if I can. Read the rest of this entry »

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