Connect with me at Dreamforce #DF16, if…

Connect with me at Dreamforce

Connect with me at Dreamforce

As I finalize my preparations for my inaugural trip to the Salesforce Dreamforce conference, I’m reaching out to the 170,000+ attendees. If you have potential solutions to specific projects I am working on please respond back.

My agenda is already packed but I welcome hearing from solutions providers that can help me solve specific projects I am working on.


  1. Marketing Material in Salesforce – I’m looking for solutions that allow Marketing to create a library of materials for use by Sales within Salesforce.
  2. Advanced Segmentation – I’m interested in tools that go beyond the basic capabilities of Pardot segmentation.
  3. Business Card Capture – I need a tool that will scan a business card, look up a prospect and allow the field team to enter notes on that contact.

If you have solutions for these three projects, by all means, please connect with me on Twitter @iamreff or leave details in the comments. (if you don’t meet the criteria above, don’t contact me!)


How To Amp Up Your Digital Marketing #CoolTools

The recent MFEA Digital Summit drew digital marketers from the asset management industry.  The agenda covered important topics including: Marketing Automation Platforms, Sales Enablement, Content Management Systems, Content Distribution, Data Management and Integration, Customer Experience Management, and Lead to Revenue to name a few.  Attendees got to hear from select partners and, most importantly, each other on how to advance their Marketing program. I was super proud of the work Julia Binder and Victor did in our panel on the Rise of the OmniChannel Advisor.

One of fun things attendees enjoyed was hearing about the “Cool Tools” used by others to solve specific challenges. These aren’t the major platforms used by digital marketers – these are the nifty gizmos that make your job easier.

How To Amp Up Your Digital Marketing


Crystal Knows uses what individuals have shared on the internet (or what others have shared about them) and runs that through a series of personality tests. The result is guidance on how best to communicate with an individual.  For example, if a person favors brevity, you best get to the point, but if they prefer a well reasoned explanation you better bring the facts!  It’s a great prospecting tool and it likely plugs into the tools you already use. To demonstrate I plugged Jeremy Floyd into Crystal Knows. It provides a lot of advice. Here’s what it said about emailing Jeremy: 🙂


Credit: Jeremy Floyd


Studies have shown that the title of online piece is as important as the piece itself. If the title is not compelling, your audience is unlikely to click through.  CoSchedule provides a free headline analyzer that scores your title providing insights on how to get the best results. The site favors “How To” posts which may not work for everyone but it will get you thinking about your audience and what messaging will connect with them.

This post was originally titled “Cool Tools For Digital Marketers,” you can see my Headline Analyzer results below.


Credit: John Refford ← yours truly


As discussed in this tutorial, Jenkins is a free, open source tool to perform continuous integration and build automation. Jenkins is configured to execute a series of steps such as performing a software build → running a shell script → archiving the build result → starting integration tests.

Credit: David Roe


Seismic is a Sales Enablement platform used by a mobile sales force to access content designed and approved by Marketing. It is used to ensure field sales has easy access to latest proposals, presentations, contracts, etc.



Knowing that developing engaging, interactive content is critical to prospecting and top of the funnel activity, digital marketers are turning to tools like Jebbit to create micro-content that engages your target market segments. Jebbit’s solutions cover display, on-site, native, social, search and email.

Credit: John Stone

Share your Cool Tools in the comments…

Curated: ROI of Customer Experience INFOGRAPHIC

Customer Experience is more than the latest Marketing fad.  It produces results.

Source: ROI of Customer Experience (Infographic)

Results: “One Thought” for 2016

One-Thought-croppedAs we roll into 2016 I wondered what was on the minds of other Marketing Technologists?  I was curious what direction Marketing Technology would go in responding to: “what’s on your mind?.” Thank you to those that contributed their thoughts, you can click through to find and follow them on Twitter. Take a moment to share your thoughts in the comments.

Results summary

Participants responded in a few different ways. Some focused on the big picture and reflected on how Marketing Technology is impacting the technology landscape. Many shared the tactics they feel will drive results in 2016 and a few dared to make predictions. There was also an engaging discussion (#argument) over the rise of brand participation in Snapchat.

The Continued Rise of Marketing Technologists

Scott Brinker, Stacey Floyd and Matt Heinz weighed in on how Marketing Technologists will continue to advance as a profession. Not only will they rise in stature within the organization but they will become a highly prized asset, capable to driving business results.

2016 Marketing Technology Tactics

Several weighed in on specific Marketing Technology tactics worthy of consideration in 2016 including video, website optimization, integrated ecosystems and advanced personalization. Thanks to Bill Winterberg, Robert Clarke, Adam Cohen and Mayur Gupta – with the twofer – for contributing.


Allen Gannett stirred the pot by predicting brands would invest heavily in Snapchat. Mike Langford didn’t agree about SnapChat and offered that 2016 would be the year of iBeacon. Kyle Flaherty brought a sense of responsibility to the conversation by saying us Marketing Technologists know just enough to get everyone killed – or maybe just fired.

Share your “One Thought” in the comments.


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The Rise of the Omnichannel Advisor


Rise of the OmniChannel AdvisorOne of my favorite things about being on the Mutual Fund Education Alliance Digital Council is that I get to help steer the content and development of our member meetings. For our Spring event I’m working with two experienced presenters, Hearsay Social’s Victor Gaxiola and DST kasina’s Julia Binder to discuss how consumer and technology trends are changing how financial professionals, and their digital marketing counterparts, communicate with customers.  Here’s the official session description:

The Rise of the Omnichannel Advisor

Given the plethora of online information and the increasingly self-directed decision journeys of today’s financial advisors, asset managers must address ever higher expectations for relevant digital engagement in all marketing channels. Leading firms are leveraging sophisticated technology and behavioral analytics to personalize connections with advisors on social networks, websites and mobile devices in order to develop long-lasting, profitable relationships. Attendees will learn how wealth managers and their representatives must adapt to meet customer expectations in a digital world.

Julia Binder, Head of Strategic Marketing Research — DST kasina

Victor Gaxiola, Senior Customer Advocacy Manager — Hearsay Social

What to expect

Victor Gaxiola

Victor Gaxiola

Julia Binder

Julia Binder


Victor brings with him the unique experience of being a financial professional along with the wisdom gained by working with advisors who are looking to build their practice. His presentation will outline the needs of the new “Omnichannel Advisor” and what digital marketers can do to support the next generation of advisors.


Julia’s experience in digital strategy and marketing was honed working for industry leaders in publishing, IT and asset management. She’ll discuss kasina’s research on the impact of behavioral segmentation on developing digital engagement strategies for advisors.



Read more about the upcoming Joint Distribution and Digital Summit on the event page where you can check out the full agenda.


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