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4 things Marketing doesn’t know about IT

Users, that’s what IT calls customers, tend to think of IT as what they see on the monitor (Outlook, Word, browser, business apps), but so much more goes into providing services including disaster planning, security, documentation, auditing, training, support, reporting, network management, disk storage, vendor management, IT operations systems (ITIL), expense management … the list goes on and on. I offer four things that Marketing doesn’t know about IT.

Wunderman – Moving Closer to True and Actionable Consumer Value

In addition to the traditional monetary (products, spend, portfolio) based mechanism of measuring customer value , Wunderman is suggesting a more complete valuation of the customer to include influence and engagement.

The 4 Cs of Intelligence-Powered CRM

At this weeks Forrester Consumer Forum I attended the Customer Intelligence Leadership board and had an opportunity to hear Joe Stanhope & Suresh Vittal present a case for “Intelligence-Powered CRM.”   The central thesis is that applying Customer Intelligence (CI) to Customer Relations Management (CRM) increases the likelihood of successful implementation. Forrester defines CRM as a …

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#bannedsessions from #ims10

You can find great summaries from the Inbound Marketing Summit 2010 here, here and here.  Since that ground had been covered, I went back and compiled the comedic gems from the conference.  Rob Brosnaro walked away with the Nobel prize in marketing comedy.  He kept us engaged when things got dry.  So with that I …

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The Real Life Social Network v2

Posted by Paul Adams, Senior UX researcher at Google. The Real Life Social Network v2 View more documents from Paul Adams.

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