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March Poll: What is the best use of social influence measurement?

The always insightful Jeremiah Owyang recently wrote a great post called, Klout for Business: A Useful Metric –but an Incomplete View of Your Customer. klout has been executing well, it recently landed Series B funding and is generating a lot if interest in social influence measurement.  Jeremiah points to why a single score is an incomplete …

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Friends don’t let friends give away my personal information

More and more apps are looking access a users Facebook account. I have no problem with that. An individual is responsible for deciding what level of privacy and sharing they are comfortable with.

Taking it too far

– My recent forays into the role of early adoptors on innovation uncovered a gem.  In 1999 Tom Creed of St. John University entitled Confessions of an Eary Adopter. Review these 7 steps, do you need an Innovation Intervention? 7 Symptoms of Early Adoption Syndrome Symptom #1 – lack of impulse control in the presence of new …

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SocialMovr is a new blog focused on the measurement, management and monitoring of social influence.  On this blog I’ll look at the major players in this space.  he first set of posts will evaluate four startups that are developing methods of measuring social influence.  I’ll score THEM just for fun using my very own proprietary …

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Top 4 Market News Apps

In working on another post I found what I think are the top multi-platform market news apps available. If you need to know what’s going on with the markets, look no further.

In reality, the best mobile market app for you is dependent on your favorite news source. For example, if you’re a Bloomberg devotee you’ll probably like their app best.

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