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Q&A With The Authors of Location Based Marketing for Dummies

The authors of Location Based Marketing for Dummies, Aaron Strout and Mike Schneider, on what LBS means to Marketers.

In Depth: LBS whitepaper from Mobile Marketing Association

MMA Issues Whitepaper on Mobile Location Based Services Marketing No, MMA does not stand for Mixed Martial Arts – at least not in this case. If you’re the dig-deep, fact-finding type you’ll love this resource published by the Mobile Marketing Association. The whitepaper has great info including: Contents: Location Based Marketing definition Global Adoption of …

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12 Location Based Services news stories you don’t want to miss

12 Location Based Services news stories you don’t want to miss LBS news you can use: Google Developing Opt-Out for Wi-Fi Location-Based Services Austin-based Gowalla retooling to function as a travel guidebook Location based mobile services increase in popularity Intel to Acquire Location-based Services Company Telmap Silverpop buys into the LBS market Lessons learned from …

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Q&A with John Vajda of Untappd

In this month’s quest to pull back the covers on Location Based Services, I was lucky enough to score an interview with John Vajda, Product Manager at Untappd, a social network for beer enthusiasts (I’m here on Untappd so friend up!) What I like about how Untappd uses LBS is location is part of the …

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Location Based Services – Every Move You Make

You can tell the infographic is dead because I’m featuring two in a row. I always was a late bloomer. More surprises! When I reviewed the Pew Research study on location based services (and the study on twitter), I was surprised to see how popular the services are with people of color. I’m interested in …

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