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SocialMovr is a new blog focused on the measurement, management and monitoring of social influence.  On this blog I’ll look at the major players in this space.  he first set of posts will evaluate four startups that are developing methods of measuring social influence.  I’ll score THEM just for fun using my very own proprietary …

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4 Items for Brogan’s “Managing Social Presence”

Recently Chris Brogan did a post on Managing Social Presence where he ended the post by asking want others want in a presence management dashboard. I’m adding my list of wants to those offered by those in the comments to Chris’ post.

Wunderman – Moving Closer to True and Actionable Consumer Value

In addition to the traditional monetary (products, spend, portfolio) based mechanism of measuring customer value , Wunderman is suggesting a more complete valuation of the customer to include influence and engagement.

is your klout score accurate?

Recently Augie Ray pointed out that us twitterati can update our klout score on their website.  This caught my attention because I had noticed that my klout score has not changed since it first appeared in my Hootsuite profile.  Recently I’ve been more active after a period of lower activity.  It seemed that my score …

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