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Mar 28

Living without Google Reader

On July 1st 2013, Google will shutter Reader. You can either move your feed to a similar RSS reader or adopt a news reader like one of these: Flipboard, Zite, Pulse or Currents. Read on for advice on what you should do.

Feb 25

5 Marketing Technology stories you might have missed 2-25-12

Stories This Week: How to get an App Store refund, Brands shuttering Facebook stores, iPad3 rumors, Flickr being madeover to look more “pinterest-y.”

Feb 03

Review of the Samsung Galaxy Tab

This is a review of the Samsung Galaxy Tab. My perspective is from that of a Android mobile enthusiast. I’m also reviewing the product as an enterprise device, not as a casual consumer so I did not pay special attention to the lifestyle aspects of playing music, reviewing pictures or it’s ereader capabilities.

Feb 01

February poll: Will Android or IOS win?

Recent reports show Android catching up to Apple on mobile OS market share. I’ve also read that Verizon’s launch of the iPhone may hurt Android’s sales by as much as 15%. Given these dynamics, which mobile OS do you think will be leading the pack in one year’s time?

Jan 28

iPad? More like iWont

The iPad has no new features but makes for a great ebook.

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