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Feb Poll results: Android will dominate

The February poll question was:

What will be the dominate mobile platform in Q1 2012?

March Poll: What is the best use of social influence measurement?

The always insightful Jeremiah Owyang recently wrote a great post called, Klout for Business: A Useful Metric –but an Incomplete View of Your Customer. klout has been executing well, it recently landed Series B funding and is generating a lot if interest in social influence measurement.  Jeremiah points to why a single score is an incomplete …

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February poll: Will Android or IOS win?

Recent reports show Android catching up to Apple on mobile OS market share. I’ve also read that Verizon’s launch of the iPhone may hurt Android’s sales by as much as 15%. Given these dynamics, which mobile OS do you think will be leading the pack in one year’s time?

Why hire a Chief Marketing Technologist? [poll]

What is the #1 reason for the rise in popularity of the Marketing Technologist? (leave other answers in the comments) [poll id=”2″]

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