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Social Customer Service Done Right

Below is a recount of how my afternoon was ruined and what Chobani did to address a quality issue. Note: there is no evidence that Chobani had anything to do with the product issue.  It’s quite possible that the product was not kept a consistent temperature during delivery.  Point is, Chobani recognized that they are …

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Next up on #IMChat – Social influence measurement

– Please join me, Zach N. Hofer-Shall, Sarah Glass, Suresh Susara and David Deal this Tuesday, May 17th at 2:00 eastern for the next #IMChat.  The topic will be social influence measurement. Here is Zach’s post on the event. – Details #IMChat is a weekly online chat focused on Interactive Marketing topics It’s every Tuesday …

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Social Media convo at #iciconf

I wasn’t in attendance at the most recent #iciconf, but these are some great points from the conference.

4 Items for Brogan’s “Managing Social Presence”

Recently Chris Brogan did a post on Managing Social Presence where he ended the post by asking want others want in a presence management dashboard. I’m adding my list of wants to those offered by those in the comments to Chris’ post.

Klout requires manual update

This is a quick update to my recent klout post.  klout requires users to manually update their klout score.  As you can see here, you need to click to refresh.  I don’t feel klout goes out of its way to make that clear.  If I had to guess, I’d bet they are working to make …

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